Friday, June 10, 2016

P.B.L - Reflection

Project Based Learning Blog Post

Step One
Selecting a context
Lost in the Bush
Save the Bush
Fun in the Bush
Step Two & Three
Create questions and identify one broad question
What was your broad question?
What is poisonous in the bush?
Step Four
What did I already know about my question?
That some berries, mushrooms, foxgloves flowers and some plants are poisonous
Step Five
Design your creation

Our creation was to make a trap so when the stoat walks in, It walks up the ramp to get the egg. It steps on the spring and the spring is holding up the stick which is holding up the door so the door closes and it is trapped.  

Step Six
Build your creation

Lucy and I built a trap to stop the people from using so much 1080 because It kills the bad animals and some of the good animals.

Step Seven
How did it go?
Alright, the only thing that didn’t go well was the stick to hold the door open, it wasn’t long enough and I kept getting burnt by the hot glue.
What went well?
Pretty much everything apart from the stick that held up the door, it wasn’t long enough so we had to hot glue gun a stick to another stick.
What was a challenge?
Not burning myself with a hot glue gun or poking myself with the chicken wire and making myself bleed.
Step Eight
What would you change next time?
Probably a bit more leaves on the sides so it looked more camouflaged
What would you improve next time?
Working on the Inside because the stick which held up the door didn’t reach up to hold the door open.
Feedback - ask some other children what they thought?
Ruby = I like how you have put some detail into those questions above my question. Maybe you could write something about your creation in step 6. Anyway great job
Kalae = Great job Henri.  It must have hurt when you poked yourself with the chicken wire. Maybe, put some fool stops at the end of your sentences.. Anyway great job.
Livy = First of all I really like the topic you chose because there could be a lot of poisonous things in the forest and I like how you and Lucy got really creative and made a trap.
Charlotte = I really like your trap it was a good idea to cover it with leaves for camouflage,  you were very creative.

Animal Enclosure - Henrietta

Animal Enclosure 

My Creature is an Orangutan

Some things I needed to consider about my creature:
Is a running area because they have a lot of energy,
Bed because they need somewhere to sleep,
Trees Because they love swinging and that is pretty much where they live, in Trees,
My enclosure has these special features for my pet:
A mini tire swing for entertainment.
A Hammock / Bed for sleeping in
Grass and leaves on the ground to make it feel like it's real home ( Jungle )
Some shade so that when it is really hot they don’t get boiling and because they have a lot of fur which makes them more hot.
A lot of Vines to swing on also for entertainment.

What I am pleased about:
I used some learning muscles like absorption and I actually think everyone used that muscle because when Mrs Miller said That it was brain food no one got their brain food because we were all absorbed. Until Mr Ford said we had to go and get it.   
Maybe the play area and entertainment because I went a bit out of the box and thought harder.   
I didn’t go to plan which is actually much easier because I didn’t have a big enough box. It is also really hard to make little hallways and little rooms.
SAM_8095.JPGWhat I have found tricky:
Mostly everything because I don’t think I planned enough. Otherwise it was the time we had which wasn’t that long. It seemed alright.

Here is a photo of my animal Enclosure 
What I would like to improve:

I would have planned much better because we didn’t have much time to but that wasn’t such a big problem.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Atomic Fire Ball Poem


I sucked on an atomic fire ball
As a family dare
Steam was coming out my ears
And it burned off all my hair

Lava was coming out my mouth
My eyes were squinting
Red was oozing out my eyes
As I was sprinting

My eyes were filling up with tears
I had to scream
I had to jump
I filled my mouth with cream

I tried to spit it out
I shot up in the air!
I drank heaps of water
I held on to my chair


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Calender art week 5 term 4

WALT present a piece of art work for our parents to buy.
Success Criteria
  • Take our time, show patience (GRIT)
  • Plan our piece of artwork
  • Take care with the painting and dyeing
  • Research for our inspiration
  • Explain the steps you took to make your artwork on your blog
  • How do you feel about your artwork?  
  • What was  a challenge?
Calendar art!
In Room 12 our calendar art topic is about foot and hand prints.
  1. Firstly you had to choose a picture idea off the internet. It took me a while to choose what idea to do.  Finally I choose a picture, it was a flamingo and a swan.SAM_6645.JPG

  1. After that we would tell Mrs Miller if we were finished, she was looking for tidy, creative Ideas and if you had that she would say yes you have finished. Next we would go and get our good copy.

  1. We could only do the background either with dye, paint, pastel or pencil on your good copy.

  1. On the next day when your background was dry you could do your handprint or foot print with Mrs Miller or Mrs Niven.

These are the steps that we did to our CALENDAR ART!
After I had finished I felt proud of myself. My challenge was trying not to go over the line with dyeing.SAM_6733.JPG
Here is a photo of my art:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Biography - Lorde - Week 8 Term 3

 WALT communicate and inform the reader effectively
Purpose: to inform
Text type: Biography
Success Criteria (based on Kidspeak progressions)
  • I use a plan to organise my writing (structure)
  • I use specific words about the topic (vocabulary)
  • I write a variety of sentence lengths (sentence formation)
  • I support the main ideas with detail (content and ideas)
  • I attempt words I don’t know by using my sound/letter knowledge (spelling)
  • I use capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas for lists correctly. (punctuation)

Person’s Name
  • Lorde / Ella

Information about this person’s childhood:
She was raised in Devonport Auckland and born in Takapuna Auckland. Her birthday is on November the 7th 1996. Age (18). Her height is 1.65 metres tall. Lorde’s Mum’s name is Sonja Yelich and her dad’s name is Vic O'connor. Lorde went to Belmont Intermediate school. She was part of the Belmont intermediate school band. She was interested in performing when she was a child but she didn’t.   

Information about this person’s accomplishments:
Lorde has been listening to songs since she was a child. She started to write and sing songs, these are some of the songs she has sung: Yellow flicker beat, Team, Tennis court, Royals, Everybody wants to rule the world and many more.

Why is this person important:
Because she is famous with all the songs she writes and sings. Lorde has also achieved two Grammys (Trophies) for singing Royals. One for the best pop single performance, and one for the song of the year. ( 2014)  

This is a picture of Lorde this year.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Jack Marsden Mayer Driftwood art.


In room 12 we have been talking about Jack Marsden Mayer.  We got some ideas from the website about driftwood. We all had to choose some drift wood sculptures for ideas. Mrs Miller said that we had to do a word or our name out of drift wood. I chose a lot of things to do exept I couldn't find the right pieces. The one I ended up doing was the word called LIFE. After you did your word or our name you got to choose a sculpture but I didn't have time. This is the order that I chose what name or word I was going to do.
First I was going to do Henrietta, next I did mum after that I did BFF and Dance and I ended up with Life. You think it's easy but it's not.       
This is my picture of my art

If you don't know who Jack Marsden Mayer is, he is a man who makes different animal sculptures out of native driftwood from beaches. He made this Kiwi in a garden and a whale by the beach and many more. He lives in Raurimu, Ruapehu.

These are some pictures of Jack Marsden Mayers Driftwood Sculptures

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Animal band Readers Theater Room 12 - Term 3 Week 7

Walt performe to an audiience
Success Criteria:
  • speak clearly
  • speak loudly
  • speak with expression
  • speak together as a group
On Friday September the 4th, our classroom did an assembly Item. It was a story about an animal band. We got to choose two parts and audition for them. I chose the donkey and the dog. My part was the donkey with Ruby.L.
I will tell you who was who - 
Narrator 1: Kady
Narrator 2: Maiya
Readers:Thomas, Beau and Teague
Dogs: Jaden, Jasmine, Declan and Kalae 
Roosters: Daniel, Bradley and Jerome 
Cats: Terenzo, Emma, Sienna, Ruby.H
Robber one was Tayla, Ella, Liam, Boston and Nathan Robber two was Kaedyn and robber three was Lachlan, Max and Jack.
When I first went on the stage, I got stage fright and I thought that I would muck-up or talk too fast, but when I read the first couple of sentences I was fine. Some people did acting from each group apart from the donkeys so Kady was acting because she only had two lines at the start.